The Age Of Technology

As a country, we have seen the founding and growth of many industries here in America. Arguably there is no industry that has impacted our daily lives more than that of technology.

From being able to change the channel on your tv without getting up, to speed cooking a three-course meal in under 5 minutes, technology has become entangled in our lives in ways that most of us aren’t even conscious of anymore.

The one source of technology that really sums up our reliance on gadgets is the modern smartphone. This one device has magically put the whole of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips and made it accessible in the blink of an eye.

These devices have become so vital to our daily lives that the multi-billion dollar industry of cell phone repair has sprung up seemingly overnight just to feed the demand.

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Electing Our Leader

Just in case you missed what we are all about, read ourĀ go-live post!

Since January 1789 the United States has paved the way in creating a system of government in which the people hold the responsibility and power of electing their leader.

veteran-1807121_640This was, and still is a revolutionary form of government which is a far departure from the monarchical traditions of Britain’s royalty. With an election being held every four years, presidential campaigns have evolved from simple speeches given in the town square, to huge media events that captivate the world and have the power to build and destroy careers overnight.

But through this process, we as a country have managed to mold a system to which the rest of the world looks for inspiration and guidance, providing the American people with a sense of pride and honor that we at Talk 1340 are happy to praise each and every day.

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The Drive of Talk 1340 Live!

Here at Talk 1340 we’re nothing fancy.

Just a group of down-home, American raised, red-white-and-blue-blooded good ole’ boys. And as such our love for this country and passion that we have for the opportunities available to us in this great land comes shining through in all of our discussions and topics.

From our love for the great American past time of Baseball to our deep-seated respect for the beauty of this land, no one will argue whether we are passionate about everything American….

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